Chester, Cheshire, England. Guide and Virtual Tour.

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Chester Map:
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Chester is a beautiful walled city in the north west of England, close to the border with north Wales. It attracts thousands of visitors each year, who come to walk the walls, visit the Cathedral, find out about its amazing Roman origins, and above all, to shop in the historic setting of Chester Rows. Chester' is home to many high-end, designer shops and luxurious historic, top-quality hotels.

Chester is on the banks of the River Dee and has a lovely river front as well as beautiful Roman Gardens, in which you can enjoy the surroundings. Indeed, the Shropshire Union Canal also runs by, with its picturesque Northgate Staircase locks.

Many people choose to spend a few nights here in one of the fine hotels in and around the city, giving themselves time to enjoy the history, the shopping, the environment and the famous Chester Zoo.

The city of Chester has been defended with city walls since the Roman fort stood on this site in 79. The walls are now mostly medieval and Victorian. They are the most complete city walls in Britain and a Grade 1 listed building.

Chester's football team, Chester City F.C. played in the Saunders Honda Stadium and the national basketball team, the Chester Jets, play in the city's Northgate Arena leisure centre.